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Materials we use and why.
We normally use .080 Boltaron material for the sheaths. To be specific, Boltaron is a competing material of Kydex and Holstex. Kydex is the original and traditional material which many sheath makers use. Holstex is the latest material which is available in a clear material.

The problem with Kydex (it isn’t a bad choice) is that in winter time, in areas where temperatures get very low, Kydex can crack and chip. Kydex itself is not extremely impact resistant.


Holstex offers a new technology which allows users to choose a clear material which can be seen through, similar to glass. There are other options Holstex offers. However, like Kydex, users have commented that Holstex is prone to cracking.

We use .080 thickness Boltaron because Boltaron itself is impact and crack resistant. In scientific terms, Boltaron has DOUBLE the impact and crack resistance of Kydex and the same hardness.

The thicknesses of materials offered is usually .060, .080, and .090 inches. Generally, .060 should be more than enough, since other sheath and holster makers use this and even have done torture tests on the molded material and it did not break. The thickness of .090 is an overbuilt, very tough and strong thickness. Some makers use it. However, we feel that it is too thick to get an excellent mold and that it adds unnecessary weight. So, we use the .080 because it has a great toughness and will save weight!

All our sheaths come highly finished, with no gaps (like OTHERS), a drainage hole, and a guarantee that it is free of manufacturing defects. We have hard use tested knives, sold many sheaths and our customers seem to be pretty satisfied. We however, do not have a warranty. But, if there are any issues, contact us at and we will do our best to help you out!

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